Is there any way a fuel injector cleaner could make a noticable difference?

so i recently bought a 96 camaro v6. it has 89k miles and no mechanical problems. i thought it might be a good idea to put a bottle of injector cleaner in it. i have not driven it since but im just curious. is there any difference i might be able to see? i doubt it but im just wondering. oh and dont hate me because i spent a WHOLE $3 on it haha that would be patheitc.

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  • 8 years ago
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    The fuel system cleaner might be noticeable bec from all the main products out there such as Lucas or STP .Once those type of products are added properly such *** adding additive when tank is almost empty and driven a bit so that the product can mix with the fuel the comp systems are going to detect odd readings from say a o2 sensor.You may get lean/rich fuel error codes from using these products but in most cases once the tank of fuel is used up or a bit more then a tank the engine lights and codes will disappear.Note I've seen some cars that once you add that type of treatment to the fuel and start up the car and drive a bit etc the engine light may come on and it may within 100 miles or so suddenly turn off even though the tank still has gas treatment in the fuel.

    If that was a car a buddy or me had purchased regardless how well I felt it was running or tuned up I'd still make sure all fluid levels are up to par and that each fluid is of good quality. A full check up/tune up or cleaning/replacement of plugs/wires, air filter,oil/oil filter, PCV valve, vac lines, vac hoses, vac junctions, all the cables/wires/connections at the battery/starter/alternator/engine block ground post.From there I'd recommend going over the whole car head to toe so that you get to really start to know your vehicle.

    Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way it's a good idea to try a do some extra hwy driving for several mins when you've the treatment in the fuel bec this will help to clean the engine/exhaust and fuel system. What I'd strongly recommend is change the fuel filter now before treating the fuel or driving it with treatment this way once you drive it with a fresh filter and treatment the dirt or any moister or particles will build up in the new filter.Then once 2 or so tanks of fuel used up the fuel filter should be changed again.

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  • roger
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    8 years ago

    try chevron super unleaded, it has techron already in it and with the good gas it works great. Give it a tankful, the best way to tell if a product is going to work is put it in drive the vehicle for several hours then park. when you hop in the next morning and go to step on the gas the vehicle feels like it has more pep. which is what we want to hear. Change the inline fuel filter anytime you use a fuel system treatment and keep an eye on the oil and keep it extra clean .

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  • Omg_ct
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    8 years ago

    dirty injectors restrict fuel flow, so you will only notice a difference if they were dirty

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