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I bought the Innova Cat and Kitten dry food, is it okay? Any thoughts? The top 5 ingredients look fine to me.?

I only heard about the Proctor & Gamble company acquiring Natura today. Now I am concerned as well since many people are apprehensive about the quality of the cat food and say the quality has changed since Natura was acquired.


tmclone: I was thinking of letting my cat eat 1/2 cup of dry food everyday and giving canned food as a treat. So you feed canned food everyday and dry food as a treat? What canned food do you recommend?

Update 2:

Thanks, I'll be doing that. I have 4 canned wet food as of now, but I'll be stopping by the pet store very soon.

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    As long as there is no grain in the dry food and NONE of the ingredients are "by products", "meal"or "corn", you should be ok. Personally, for dry food I prefer "Dave's" dry. It's inexpensive, grain-free, and the cats like it! I never feed it as a "meal", but we feed a few pieces to each cat as an occasional treat!

    Doesn't matter what brand you feed as long as it's grain-free and AT LEAST the first three ingredients are some form of "meat" and not by products/meal/grain.

    For canned food, other than the homemade "cooked with supplements" we make on our own, we prefer Dave's (non-fish) and Natural Balance and Nature's Variety Instinct.

    For grain-free dry, I'm a fan of Dave's (cheap/grain free/cats like it!), Nature's Variety Instinct (really expensive, but they love it), Natural Balance (not insanely expensive and they eat it!).

    There are also a ton of other gran-free foods out there, at different prices. Best thing to do is to shop around locally and read labels. Not "sexy or cool", but the best way to see what's available locally (local is always cheaper...)

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    yes, tmclone is correct. Dry food should be the treat and canned the main meals. Nature created cats to eat meat, not dry carbohydrate filled kibbles. Even grain free dry foods have carbs in them or they would not stick together. An all-dry diet is now linked to such feline disorders as diabetes, obesity, constipation, urinary tract disorders, and even kidney disease. Canned food more closely mimics what Nature intended cat to eat - raw prey.

    Innova is a fine food - yes, P&G took over the parent company, but it's still significantly better than anything you can get in the grocery store - at this point, anyway. I used to feed EVO but switched since the P&G buy out (Natura product also). There are many good canned foods - just read the labels and avoid those with grains, and by-products. Wellness and Blue Buffalo Wilderness are two that I use and are well liked by my cats.

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    I have fed Innova Evo before. Even the regular Innova is probably still one of the better dry foods you can get.

    Re the P & G thing, they are saying they aren't going to change the food and so far it seems to be OK.. Of course based on P&G's history with other pet food it's only natural to be skeptical, and some people have pointed out that there are things P & G could do that wouldn't show up on the label, like get ingredients from cheaper lower quality foreign sources.

    I really have not kept up with the Innova debate though. think it is probably OK and since you bought it I would go ahead and use it. You'll have it quite a while if you feed it just for treats so keep it in the fridge to help keep it fresher.

    (Even when fed for meals a little of that goes a LONG way , at least if it is anything like the Innova EVO,. it is very calorie-dense! )

    I agree about canned for meals, use the Innova dry for a treat. As for the reasons why, I just answered that (at great length and with several good links to articles from vets ) on another question;_ylt=Ao0hz...

    Re canned recommendations. One I like that has not been mentioned is Merrick They have 2 lines, the original Merrick ones with goofy names like Cowboy Cookout, Grammy's Pot Pie, Turducken, Surf & Turf etc. It's good quality, the price is not bad for premium canned cat food (similar to Wellness or sometimes a little less) and they tend to be higher protein / lower fat than most of the other premium cat foods, while still being pretty low carb. . Not that fat is bad for cats -- they need more of it than we do -- but these levels especially the Cowboy Cookout are closer to the nutrient balance in a cat's natural diet ( a mouse or rat).

    Merrick also has another excellent line called Before Grain. Grain free of course. and I think has a bit less veg. so very low carb.

    Several of the varieties in both lines are fish, so I wouldn't feed those every day.

    Then I also feed others like Wellness grain free varieties. and Nature's Variety Instinct (which is very good but yes it IS expensive. I get it mostly for my cat with IBD who the vet suggested he be on venison, rabbit or duck wet food. I get him the venison from NV. (they also have rabbit and duck and lamb) You might try a can of rabbit to see if your cats like it as a special meal sometimes.

    NV Instinct also has these foods in raw frozen . which i feed as about 1/4 of the diet.

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