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USMC PLC or West Point?

My sights have always been set on USMA, aka West Point. Recently, I have had some doubt regarding the school. I just feel, and I know it sounds selfish, that I want to actually have a life in college. I have heard USMA is a hellish combo of 4 years of bootcamp and ivy league school.

Then I discovered the USMC PLC. Automatically, I knew the military training part would be harder and much more harassing, but something is making me want to go into the PLC route. If I did, my ideal plan is to go into Penn State and do PLC in my sophomore year, and balance education, life, and military.

I am at a crossroads, can you offer input?

Either way, I want to serve the US.

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    Marine Corps officers candidate school is in Quantico, VA. A program does exist in some universities that allow juniors to enter OCS during summer break between junior and senior year. Upon completion of college, you would receive both your under graduate diploma and your commission as a 2nd Lt./USMC.

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    The Marine Corps PLC Program is great!! Candidates go to six weeks after their freshman and junior years. Your TIS (Time in Service) starts when you sign and your will be paid over four when you go to the Basic School(TBS) and that a big deal. You get you commission at your graduation. No uniforms just stay in shape, make the grades and stay out of trouble. Good luck.

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    Well, unless you got an LOA in your hands or applied 3 weeks ago, take the PLC. USMA is really difficult to get into at this point (more then before). I had to make that decision. But i wanted to go to USNA all my life so it was a no brainer :)

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    First decide if you want to go Army or Marine Officer. West Point is Army, PLC is Marines.

    Either way, do ROTC at Penn State, I think they have Army ROTC, but no Navy ROTC(meaning no Marines). So you would have to do NROTC at a nearby college that has it. Or just do PLC.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): Enlisted Army National Guard. Planning to do Army ROTC or Marine PLC. Still not sure.
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    Why not just do ROTC?...have your college life and eat it too...

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