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Can I use a storage unit as a garage, to restore an old car?

I'm in the process of buying a classic car, which I intend to restore and spruce up. But, I live in an apartment complex and have no garage to work on it.

Can I rent out a storage unit, with electricity and lights of course, and use that as a garage? It's near-impossible for me to find straight answers online.

Also, I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. So any facilities in the city would be great.

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    It won't be easy to find a facility that would be okay with that but you can ask the managers of a few places. It is something you will want to have straight up front... and you may find a taker.

  • L-man
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    If you do get permission,remember that the adjoining unit renters may complain and put an end to your "garage" work by complaining. At least get written permission or ask if its a problem with everyone first.

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