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How dangerous is taking expired, out of date medication?

In this case fluoxetine.

They expired in March 2011.

If I started taking them now, what would happen?

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    Probably not a great deal. I would check the package for the manufacture date. If this date is within three years then the product should be fine - this is from the manufacturer of Prozac; Eli Lilly. If there is no manufacture date on the package then do not take them and go and see your prescribing doctor/psychiatrist/psychotherapist tomorrow and get an emergency script written for them.

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    im not a doctor, but i would take the prozac.. i doubt anything even remotely serious could happen.

    it's a chemical and the expiration date tends to be less important than how it is stored. if you stored the pills on a radiator, i wouldn't touch them even before the expiration date, but if you kept them in a cupboard, everything should be fine. again though, i am not a doctor so dont take my advice seriously.

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    nothing to death

    ask your pharmacy or doctor

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    I would advise against it.

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