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what do you think of these names?

Xailia (ex-ail-ia)















PLEASE COMMENT! tell me the names were you would be like WTF why did you name your daughter that!and think of middle names pleez! We are a normal american family!



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    Xailia - Most people wont be able to pronounce this and they will be forever be correcting it

    Amelia - Sweet

    Daisy - Nice for a baby - 10 but after that she'll want something more maturer

    Gracie - ^^^ But still a nice name

    Lilac - Nice colour

    Carie - Not a fave of mine

    Destany - My sister in laws name is Destiny and she use to be a hooker... This names always makes me think of hookers, strippers etc

    Emily - I like the name Emily

    Rachel - Rachel's a nice name

    Valorie - Bit old but still nice

    Olivia - One of my best friends name is Olivia, I love it

    Macie - Nice name

    Hannah - Bit too common

    Lilliam (Lily) - Love the name Lily

    River - I dont like this name at all

    My favourite names are Gracie, Racheal, Olivia, Lily, and Emily

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    9 years ago

    Daisy, Gracie, Destany, Valorie, Olivia (but you should try the spelling Aliviah), Macy & Hannah are cute.

    Xailia - sounds ghetto.

    Amelia - outdated.

    Lilac - it's a flower, not a name.

    Carie - sex & the city....?

    Emily - too common.

    Rachel - just no.

    Lilliam - reminds me of Liam, which is a boys name.

    River - no, just no.

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  • 9 years ago

    Xailia wouldn't be pronounced in that way. It would be pronounced "ZAY-lee-ah", most likely, because that's how the letter X works. And it just looks like you're trying too hard.

    I like Amelia, Valerie (not Valorie), Olivia, Emily and Hannah.

    Destiny is spelled wrong though, and it's a bit of a stripper name.

    Daisy, Gracie and Macie wouldn't age well.

    Lilliam just looks made up.

    The other names I'm just not fond of.

    Not trying to be harsh -- just honest.

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    9 years ago

    My favorites are Gracie, Macie, Rachel, and Olivia.River sounds more like a boy's name (no offence), and I hear Hannah way to often.

    Middle Names For;

    Gracie: Madison, Lynn, Nicole, Renee, Jane

    Macie: Lynn, Rose, Raine, Isabel,

    Rachel: Marie, Anne, Elizabeth, Elaine

    Olivia: Nicole, May, June, Hope,

    (sorry I repeated some middle names)

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  • 9 years ago

    I like Amelia, Emily, Rachel, Olivia from your list dont like the others.

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    9 years ago

    Lilac and Xailia are a bit wtf? Destiny is a bit trashy, Olivia and Hannah are overused.

    I like Amelia, Gracie, Rachel and Valorie. River is cute too.

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