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Curious about what rap people listen to in other states.. ?

So, I live in northern California .. And I grew up listening to, woodie big tone messy marv the jacka huslah pretty black berner sleepy d d-low j Stalin . And the list goes on... But I noticed talkin to people from other states they have no clue who those rappers are.. And their like the most popular ones here..

So where are u from and who are the rappers u listen to? I will look them up and see if I like em,.

U guys should try listening to some of the ones I mentioned..


Oh and give me some song names.. Here's some of my faves ..

Rock day. J Stalin.

Our heroes . The jacka .

Late night smobbin . Woodie.

Another day. berner

Doin time. Messy marv and berner

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