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You shouldn't take for granted

請問 You shouldn't take for granted. 是什麼意思



大一上課老師教的 但是老師教的我完全聽不懂

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    請問 You shouldn't take for granted. 是什麼意思 「你不應該把(某人事物)當成理所當然」,例: Helen: Sam, where have you been? You were supposed to pick me up 20 minutes ago. I’ve been standing in front of my office building for age. If you wont’ show up in 10 minutes, I’ll break up with you. (Sam 你跑去哪?20分鐘前你就該接我。我已經在我辦公大樓前等很久了。10鐘內你再不出現,我就要跟你分手) Helen’s colleague: Helen, you shouldn’t take your boyfriend for granted. Maybe Sam has been stuck in the traffic jam. (Helen, 你不該把男友當成理所當然,而不把他當一回事。也許他塞在車陣裏。) **********Peter: Lucia, what’s wrong with the party? No body shows up except me.(Lucia, 那個趴怎麼了?都沒人來,只有我。) Lucia: Peter, we’ve already cancelled that party.(Peter ,我們已經把它取銷了) Peter: When did you cancel it? How come I had no idea about it?(甚麼時候取銷的?我怎麼都不曉得?) Lucia: I sent you an email last Friday about the cancellation. Sorry, I took (it) for granted that you had received my email. (上周五我有發email給你ㄚ。很抱歉!我認為理所當然,你收到了我的email;所以我不需要再和你做確認)

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