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Mainly for non Rangers baseball fans.?

The Rangers are going to the World Series for the second time in as many years. As a Rangers fan since they came to Texas I'm ecstatic, but it's also a bit surreal. I became used to losing for many years, but they were still my lovable, losing Rangers. National media ignored them, usually. Now it appears that they are a true powerhouse in the MLB, so I'm just wondering what the rest of the baseball world thinks about the Rangers just to get a bit of perspective to put against my personal bias.

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    i am from fort worth area in TEXAS...BUT...i am a hardcore phils fan..! and i actually greatly respect the rangers...honestly did not care before last year for them...but after hearing about josh hamilton and his fight...i slowly started getting into rangers....and now its my second fav. team in baseball....and hamilton is my fav. ranger !....i also go to some of their games as my university is right behind ballpark!....but yea...rangers are a great team, who come this far without a much flashy crew like phils did.....Go phils !

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    Hey it it good for them, not too many teams ever get to play in a championship game let even alone win a championship game. They might be a powerhouse now but how long can you expect them to keep this up forever? The only thing that you can hope for at this point that they play better then whoever makes it for the National League side, if you want to win the World Series, but remember Rangers don't get to host a game until games 3 and 4.

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    Great team assembled over maybe 3-4 years. The trade with the Braves, moving Teixeira, who they coildn't sign, but getting Andrus, Feliz and Saltalamacchia was really the key to building the team. The team was built around that trade and Michael Young, before Kinsler was heard of, then bringing in Hamilton and Cruz really completed the rebuilding.

    Then when things looked really bad financially, Nolan Ryan came in and seemingly corrected things overnight.

    So despite playing in Texas, and being somewhat overlooked, you have a club that is every bit as good as the Red Sox and Yankees, maybe better, But it wasn't built on free agency.

    For me, they look like a contender for the next 4-5 years. As you said, a powerhouse, and a credit to baseball.

    EDIT: I wanted to add that bringing in Beltre and almost alienating Michael Yoing was a very bold baseball decision. Great move though,because it added another piece to the puzzle. Just think if Beltre played with the Yankees...ARod at DH or even benched, the Yankees would be much stronger.

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    I see the Rangers as a very strong team and at this point, the best team in the AL. They are just strong on all aspects. This is a team of superstars really......Michael Young, Ian Kinsler, CJ Wilson, Josh Hamilton. These players are literally among the best in the league.

    It's great to see. I feel they got the deserved media attention this year though......last year was a shock but it was expected this year.

    I can see them contending for a few more years. They are now the powerhouse in the AL West.

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    Great team with a bunch of great character guys. If my memory is correct it was the players and not the management who decided to celebrate clinching the LCS with ginger ale because of Josh Hamilton and they have carried it over to this year. That speaks volumes about the type of guys they employee to put out on the field and in the public eye knowing kids look up to them. I also found it to be very admiral that they had the little boy who's father passed at the game this year throw out a first pitch during the playoffs. They are a quality organization from the top down. Props to your Rangers.

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    I think there moving up in the MLB. A couple of years ago I didn't even know about this team until they got Josh Hamilton.(: There a pretty good team with some great talent and they have a great shot at winning the World Series.

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    Im a Dodger fan. So.

    I personally really like the Rangers. Im rooting for them to win the World Series and I think they have a strong team this year. Too strong for anyone else. They're a fun team to watch and Ron Washington is such a likable guy overall.

    Rangers get a 2 thumbs up from me.

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    You're wrong about the Rangers being ignored by the national media. There was the Michael Young controversy at the beginning of the year. The addition of Beltre to the Kinsler, Young, Hamilton threesome. The only one consistently ignored was Nelson Cruz. I don't see that as being a problem for him going forward.

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    I'm a diehard Tigers fan, I'm very disapointed in Texas knocking them out. To be honest though, I have to give them credit. They've been trying to build a franchise, they did it. I'm happy for them. They are quite a powerful team especially with players like Cruz, Beltre, and Young. Washington is a great manager and knows what he's doing. I do wish them best of luck in the World Series against the Brewers/Cardinals

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    I only have 2 things against the Rangers:

    1. They're from Texas

    2. George Bush attends their games (actually, this should be #1)

    So, needless to say, I'm rooting for either the Cardinals or the Brewers in the World Series. Hoping they can do what my team, the Giants, did last the World Series.

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