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Horses Falling over when looking at ocean!! True!?!?

Hey guys. I have two horses and I am going to the beach next week with them for the first time! Wish me luck. Anyways, I herd recently to be careful cause when the horses look at the waves head on they toppled over!! Is this true? And if so what can I do to prevent it and why does it happen? Thank you all!

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    Someone is pulling your leg. I've ridden plenty of horses at the beach, as well as seen many ridden at the beach. Never has one fallen over.

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    Some horses do get vertigo if you let them stare down into the waves. The back and forth motion makes them dizzy, but only in extreme cases does a horse actually fall.

    Source(s): Trail & Beach rider for 10 years.
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    Same question:same answer -

    Nah don't worry about it. Many horses are scared of the waves rolling in at them and can lose their balance, but my pony certainly took care of himself and didn't fall over when looking at the waves... Can't say that much for myself... But the horses are certainly capable of keeping upright.

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    Nope- I have ridden my mare on the beach plenty of times

    if anything she loves walking in the waves that crash into shore

    in the UK I would advise this as the sea has all sorts of crap in - shame really!

    but LOL not they don't

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    Haha, that's not true! I have ridden my mare on the beach before and she didn't fall over :P

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    not true

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