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Does getting a coloured tattoo hurt much?

I've always wanted to get a small tattoo of a pink elephant (one of the 'Pink elephants on parade' from the movie Dumbo), for a long time, but I'm put off at the notion of a needle sticking into my skin. To give you an idea of how low my pain threshold is; I fainted the last time I had a blood test. I've heard that the coloured tatts hurt worse because the needle has to go deeper into the skin. Is that true? Thanks.


Oh, and the place I want to have it done is the top of my arm, just below the shoulder.

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    A tattoo with color feels no.different than one without color. I have both with and without it makes no difference. The only thing that effects the pain level is location. And the location you are going with is a great place for a first tattoo. That is where I had my first and its the least painful. Obviously there is still some pain but its no big deal. It'll hurt for a few minutes and tuen your endorphines kick in and it becomes almost kind of enjoyable, at least for me. That's why people get so many sometimes I think its hard to explain the.experience until you do it.

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    It's gonna be up there id guess an 8, chests in certain areas including the one your talking about tend to be tenderish areas. The fact its red vs. black unless there is tons of shading this will make no difference at all. If it's on your back of your shoulder it wont hurt at all.

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