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You agree with Ron Paul that we should abolish the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission?

It should be evident by now that the media is brain washing everyone.

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    And how exactly would destroying the only regulatory body do anything to help? I would make the situation worse.

    Imagine, Fox is able to lie without getting called on it, ever. Wait...don't they do that now?

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    Yes, they are another useless government organization. For example at one time you used to have to have a license to talk on the CB radio. Some time around 1976-77 they abolished the license simply because keeping track of them was too hard. Any time the government abolishes laws because enforcing them is too hard, the government is not doing its job. Either it is not representing the people or the law is useless. In this case, it was both.

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    OOhhhh, that would ruin all my fun. I love Fascist Mind Porn like they have on Fox. I would miss that because as you know Mars is in my house of BS

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    Howard Stern???

    Howard Stern is clever... not wise.

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    sort of

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