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How do I tell my daughter to lose weight without being mean?

Family portraits are coming up and she's the only fat one in the family. I'm tired of her ruining our family pictures. What are some things I can do or say to drop hints for her?

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    Since all you care about is the family portrait and not your daughter, why don't you ALL eat more and then you can all be fat together.

    Shame on you

  • 8 years ago

    This is horrible, and people wonder why children today have so many issue. You need to take a step back and realize that beauty is not everything. You also need to realize that maybe you should help your daughter make healthy choices, not blame her for being fat. After all, you are the one that raised her, so maybe there should have been talks about health before she became "fat". How old is she anyway? Is it possible that you are overreacting to the simple growth spurt called puberty? When I was going through that age, I felt and surely looked quite overweight, but you know what happened? I grew up and after some time became a thin healthy woman without extreme diet or exercise, just a healthy lifestyle.

    Please make the right choice here as a responsible adult. . .

  • crabb
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    i does not make it approximately dropping weight. Her weight is totally great for her top and age. i could make it approximately maximum excellent a fit way of existence. all and sundry interior the domicile must be maximum excellent a healthful way of existence. proper now, YOU administration her food. You administration at you convey into the domicile; you administration what's made for food. shrink the fatty, sugary processed meals which you purchase and prepare dinner. do not do away with them thoroughly, yet save them to a reasonable volume. computer screen her snacks. She does not want the sugary processed meals for snacks. Make the end result and vegetables available. If she's quite hungry, she'll consume them. If she does not consume them, then she of course wasn't too hungry, so she don't have been ingesting besides. lower back, do not decrease out the processed snacks thoroughly, yet she ought to have extra healthful snacks than processed snacks. She needs to examine potential of suggestions, ingredient administration and moderation. motivate on a daily basis interest. flow on motorcycle rides and walks along with her. Take her to the pool a pair situations each and every week. sign up her in a summer season interest. those issues will save all and sundry on the proper music wellness-smart.

  • I want to fist-**** your brain until you drop this idea from your head. You ******* *****.

    Edit: While I stand by the initial comment, it may have come off a little mean, not that I give a flying ****. But seriously woman, where are you priorities? "My daughter's fat, she ruins our photos."

    Seriously? You're more worried over photos? Shows what kind of parent you are.

    Unbelievable. What you should be more concerned about is if she's happy, healthy. A little extra weight doesn't matter. But with a mom like you, I would highly doubt she's happy and like me, turned to food.

    You unbelievable ****, you're not fit to be called 'mom'.

    Source(s): You and my mom are the same; BITCHES FROM HELL.
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Wish you were my mom! I've been trying to loose some weight but all my mom does is buy garbage and ruin my diets. Just keep healthier foods in the house and don't let her eat any sugar. This means you will have to also. You can just say you want everyone eating healthier. Encourage her to go for walks with you or something.

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    Maybe you should just tell her "Sorry, you're too fat. You can't be in this years family portrait."

  • German
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    8 years ago

    Just tell her to lose some damn weight. She needs to realize that she is ruining your family portraits. But she can't so you have to tell her. Just flat out tell her.

  • 8 years ago

    you should care about her health, not a family portrait..

    but, just give her healthy food and take away the junk food

    encourage her to exercise

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    family portraits? seriously, you care more about them than your daughter's health

    Source(s): SHAME ON YOU
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Her being fat ruins family pictures? WOW.

    Be glad she's not severely deformed or missing any limbs, lady.

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