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of these, which got more power? federal or states?

i was doing doing vocab for government class, and i was wondering, in the following list, which got more power, federal or states?

-Americans with Disabilities Act

-Articles of Confederation

-Civil War

-Sept 11, 2001

-Supremacy Clause

-Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions (include nullification)

-Women's Voting (hint: Wyoming)

-Gitlow v. New York (include selective incorporation)

-McCulloch v. Maryland

-Printz v. United States

-United States v. Lopez

-Brown v. Board of Education

* and am i correct with these:

that 104th congress, 10th amendment, and 14th amendment, federal was strengthened?

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    9 years ago
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    Your text book has the power.

  • Magnum
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    9 years ago

    Neither. The constitution makes it impossible for political parties to accomplish anything.

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