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Good songs about having a broken heart?

Last night my best friend made out with the kid i was practically dating to at a dance right in front of me 2 times..feel lonely and betrayed..RECENT MUSIC PLEASE i just need something to listen to

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    Unlove you- Elise Estrada.

    All She Knows- Bruno Mars

    From A Distance- Nasri

    Unfall In Love - Kristine Mirell

    I Believed - Melissa Smith

    Masquerade- Jasmine Villegas

    Wedding Dress- Taeyang (English Version)

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    unfriend you -Greyson Chance

    heart like stone -Greyson Chance

    breaking up is hard to do -Celtic Thunder/ Damian McGinty

    home -Celtic Thunder/ Damian McGinty

    and this one isnt recent but...

    Are you Lonesome Tonight -its by Elvis but listen to Damian McGinty's version....its WAY better

  • 8 years ago

    2ne1 love is ouch

    2ne1 it hurts

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