Which city in the USA has the most Irish population?

I want to advertise an Irish business idea in a popular newspaper in a city in the USA. Can anybody suggest a city and newspaper with the highest proportion of Irish-American population?

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    Irish Catholic Americans are found in cities throughout the United States; very few became farmers. Strongholds include the metropolitan areas of Boston, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, where most new arrivals of the 1830-1910 period settled. As a percentage of the population, Massachusetts is the most Irish state, with about a quarter of the population claiming Irish descent. The most Irish American town in the United States is Milton, Massachusetts, with 43% of its 26,000 or so residents being of Irish descent. Boston, New York, and Chicago have neighborhoods with higher percentages of Irish-American residents. Regionally, the most Irish-American part of the country remains central New England.

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    Could be Massachusetts

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