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does every normal public library have a genealogy researcher or something?

I want to look for more info on my ancestry off of the internet, but I dont want to look like a foll going into the library asking for help with my genealogy and they dont have anything to help me with

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    Most public library systems/networks in the USA have a main genealogy/local history collection held at just one branch, usually the main/headquarters branch. That special collection will also have librarians who are trained and experienced in genealogical research. Those specific branches will probably be the ones where one can access the databases (US databases) to which the library subscribes. A librarian in the genealogy collection can also instruct you in the use of other relevant databases the library subscribes to as well.

    The genealogy librarians can assist you and other researches with your specific research and direct you to the best resources for your needs.

    You will not look like a fool to any of the employees at your public library. Their jobs are to be your guides and often your one-on-one instructors. Sometimes researchers' questions may make us chuckle because we have heard the same questions many times or they reflect a mis-hearing of a word (like "aunt's sisters" instead of "ancestors.") We are not laughing at our researches; we laugh with them when we notice unintentional miscommunications. (Example: In my family we refer to my mother as "the woman from Idaho" because that is the state where she was born, but she grew up in Wisconsin. In a newspaper interview, a reporter misunderstood my father's reply to a question about place of birth and wrote that he married "a woman from Idaho." It's a laughable error.)

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    No, most public libraries don't have genealogy specialists. They do have reference librarians that should be familiar with what the library has and get access to that will help you in your research. Some public libraries have specific and large genealogy sections. These libraries are more likely to have specialists. Regardless of what your library has you won't look like a fool by asking the reference desk about their genealogy collections. That's what they're there for.

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    NO. Public libraries have research librarians, to assist in finding the topics you are researching and not genealogical researcher. You need to take some classes on Genealogical research, or at the very least watch some of the films on the site under research tips.

    The Family History Centers have genealogical consultants, but they do not do the research for you,

    Source(s): Genealogical researcher 40+ years, volunteer at Family History Center
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    No............they have librarians all who have skills, experience in research and some who may have knowledge of FH research, all will know from their catalogue what 'records' they hold and how to find them.

    Why should you look a fool? Librarians are there to help and even the very basic research is done at home with records you and your family already have available and gets you back 3-5 generations and you do that before you go online or go anywhere else.

    You also need to know what records are available both civil ( Vital) and parish ( church) for the years you are looking, and that is easy to find out with basic research online such as when census returns were first started, when is the last one you can view, when did civil registration begin............then you are not looking for records that don't exist or miss looking at some that eg if you are looking for a particular family to find out what children they had you know they married in 1932 there is no point in looking for census as the last one you can view is 1930, you would need to find the church and look for baptisms how to find 3-5 generations at home...this also teaches you what records look like, what information you can find and how to connect generations and you do this before you look elsewhere as it is your foundation is nothing like online databases, put name in and click then guess which person is 'yours' from results that come up.......that is the best way to hit brickwalls as guesses don't work and databases don't know who your family is

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    No. Most of them don't have any genealogy materials, either, save old newspapers on microfilm, old city directories and old telephone books.

    No one who admits he is a complete novice and is interested in a subject looks like a fool.

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