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英文週記 40-50字 (Sport Day)

請幫幫忙! 急急急! 英文週記 40-50字 (關於Sport Day), 萬分感激!!!!! Thank you!!!!


參加100短跑, 天氣先下雨後有太陽, 和老師及同學一同跑等........

請大家幫幫忙!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!

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    I close my eyes and the flashback starts. I clearly remember the details of the sports day, because it was simply unforgettable, just flawless.

    I joined 100m running. I was not a good athlete at all, but because of sake of my house, I joined. The moment I started running, I felt that I was lagging behind, however, the cheering team of my house didn't stop cheering for me, instead, they cheered even louder. At last, being the last one in the competition, I was still beaming gracefully to my own house. This year's sports day was simply different, remarkable.

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