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how to buy from liquidator and sell goods as retailer?

i want to buy from liquidators, they have cheaper products, but i am wondering if i can open a store to sell them? because those goods some of them are name-brand like nike, dkny, guess, ect, is it not legal? is there anyway i can sell those besides ebay, or any other online source, no fleamarket either. what do i need to be careful when buying from those liquidators? thank you

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    Liquidators hold auctions but are looking at selling batches of goods, generally the less desirable lines - so not batches of nike. Often they are in a slightly soiled condition too since someone will have gone into the business and loaded them all up in a truck.

    There is no going back afterwards saying, these are all size 6 or 8, no 7's. This makes it hard to run a shop - you won't have a consistant flow of shoes for example. More desirable lines sell for closer to their true value so the margins are less. Unknown brands you will get cheap but may be harder to sell. Finally liquidators may be in the position of getting a commission and will want to sell the whole lot, not just the bits that work. You will be responsible for the quality of goods but you have no contract with the manufacturer to offer a warranty.

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