Can't back up all of my apps so that I can update to iOS 5? ?

I have over 200 apps yet when I transfer my purchases over to itunes, it only shows 52 of them on the iTunes apps page. All but maybe one or two of my apps were purchased on the same account. I know that I could download the apps that didn't transfer to iTunes again from the app store but, I would lose all of the data from those apps. I don't want that to happen; so is there a solution to this? 

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  • 9 years ago
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    i had trouble too seemed like t wasnt backing up. But after the update ti ios 5 the iphone automatically backed up and restored. My apps came back and my lists etc were all intact The only thing NOT intact was my follders everything got scattered.

    So if you really like your set up but not sure if you can remember where everything was take a screenshot of each screen before downloading.

    Also I did lose my photos I had put on from my computer. But thats easy to put back. As long as I had my camera roll pics I was happy. I think I may have imported those too tho first.

    good luck

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