What to be for halloween in high school?

I'm a freshman in high school(I'm a girl) and Halloween is a big deal at my school and I don't know what to be that isn't to girly, but isn't lame... I can't think of much... HELP?!?!?!


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    9 years ago
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    Depends on how much your willing to spend I have ideas from $0 to $500.

    I'm a flat chested B cup loser so I dressed up as a guy last year :D


    This year I'm thinking of something more girly. I'm probably going to make it myself.


    My favorite idea

    Greek Goddess



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    Makeup & Hair:


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    i dont have school on halloween even though its a monday. theres an in school service thing or something but if i had to dress up for halloween at school, id probably be a pirate so i think u should be a pirate is what im trying to say. (and fyi. im a girl freshman too.)

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    9 years ago

    there are really cute m&m dresses online, or you can buy a pair of glasses and suspender and be a college dork with a bunch of friends

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    9 years ago

    lady gaga?

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  • 9 years ago

    What do you like?

    And please, don't one of those "Sexy" versions of things. It's pathetic.

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