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Booking TNA Turning Point 2011?

Of course, we haven't seen BFG yet (which looks like it will be a great show), but this is how I would book the card for the next PPV, Turning Point, as well as a few results at BFG

1. TNA World Championship:

Robert Roode (c) vs Kurt Angle

TNA have so much promise and potential on their hands right now, and if Roode doesn't win the title clean from Angle at BFG in a 25+ minute match, I'll feel let down. This should be Angle invoking his rematch. Roode would need to retain clean here, then Angle would take several months off to rehab injuries and train for the olympics.

2. Number One Contender's Match

AJ Styles vs Kaz vs James Storm vs Christopher Daniels

They really need more contender matches on PPV. Have Dixie Carter come out and announce that since Fortune was so important in getting Hogan and Bischoff out of power, that they should be rewarded. She would intend it to be Storm vs Styles vs Kaz, but Daniels would point out that he's still technically a member of Fortune and gets put in the match. Storm would come close, but Styles would win, setting up a face v face match at Final Resolution. Storm would slowly earn a World Title match against Roode, perhaps as far away as Lockdown.

3. X Division Championship:

Austin Aries (c) vs Jerry Lynn

Lynn needs to move out of his never ending feud against RVD and move into the X Division. Have him win a contenders match (against Kendrick, Kash... i don't care really) and establish him as the veteran face of the division. Aries needs to go over and be eventually one of the longest reigning champions in X Division history.

4. Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe

Have Hardy continue his ascent back up the ladder in this match against a guy that TNA doesn't really seem to care about. If it were up to me, Joe would be World Champion. Hopefully with a new(ish) creative team, they push him properly. Otherwise, you might as well put Hardy over him here. Jeff Hardy needs to slowly move up the ladder and not receive a title match until Slammiversary or BFG next year.

5. Four Corners Tag Team Championship Match:

Ink Inc (c) vs Mexican America vs British Invasion vs D'Angelo Dinero and Devon

I don't watch Xplosion, but apparently Pope and Devon are climbing the ranks there, and British Invasion are face (i think). They need to put the B.I as a heel team again, then have them feud with Ink Inc for a couple of months until Sabin is healthy and MCMG returns. So could have them go over here, but better to build it up, have them turn heel after this match, and then have them win the titles.

6. TNA Knockout's Championship

Velvet Sky (c) vs Winter

Velvet wins the title at BFG, Winter cashes in her rematch. Simples! Velvet retains.

7. Multiple Person Tag Team Match to get everyone else on the show


RVD, Matt Morgan, Crimson and Mr. Anderson (is he face or heel?) vs Gunner, Jarrett, Bully Ray and Scott Steiner

Could basically come up with the idea that Dixie wants to punish Immortal for everything they did to kick her out and everything they did while she was away. Put them against a strong face team here. As long as Gunner doesn't take the fall, I don't care.

8. #1 Contenders Match for the Knockout's title:

Angelina Love vs Tara vs Mickie James

Angelina wins with help from Winter. Angelina tries to help Winter in her title match later on, but accidentally costs her the match. Love vs Velvet set for Final Resolution.

So that's my card! I know it's 8 matches, which is obviously a lot, but they could perhaps save the Knockout contender match for a weekly show. I also know a lot of people don't care about this months TNA PPV, let alone my fantasy PPV for next month, but for those of you that have any comments, thanks for reading and thanks for the response!

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    Its a good card but honestly, I doubt that they would have Jerry Lynn challenge Austin Aries. Honestly, I don't think he will even be in TNA after BFG. It seems like they brought him in solely for a feud with RVD.

    As you said, the Knockout's contenders match will most likely be on Impact!

    I am curious though, what do they have planned for Hogan if he loses control of TNA?

    Card: 9/10.

  • 9 years ago

    That's a really good card I like how you spot lighted fortune because that stable is one of the best stables tna had ever made Fortune>World Elite>Frontline>Main Event Mafia> Immortal

    Its a solid Card i would give it 9.5/10

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    9 years ago

    Awesome match card. 9.5/10.

    I must say, it's really smart of you to say Kurt Angle will lose so he can go train for the Olympics.

    That makes a lot of sense.

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