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what does the border around the confederate flag mean?

the flag used to have a white border but it doesn't anymore why, and what did it stand for

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    The shape and styles of the various Confederate flags varied from state to state depending upon the choice of the various generals.

    The "BORDER" of the flag is the fabric that is around the outside edge of the flag. It is used to keep

    the fabric of the flag from fraying. In this illustration the BORDER is white. Not all flags of the same kind had the same color BORDER. Not all flags have a BORDER.


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    Which Confederate flag? There were four - the Bonnie Blue and the First, Second and Third National. and the one with the St. Andrews Cross with the stars on the arms of the cross was a battle standard and not the official Confederate flag.

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    You've probably referring to Shelby's Missouri Brigade, Trans Mississippi Department Battle-Flag. There were many different version of the confederate battle-flags. This one also had a red fringe on the outside of the white border. Generally, when white is used on flags, it refers to "virtue".

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