Is there any software or regular expression to download full size images from website subpage with javascript?

The question itself may sound a bit complicated at first, but I'll provide you with proper clarification:

My problem, in particular, is that there is a certain website which has gallaries containing thumbnails. Each thumbnail, in turn, leads to a subpage containing shrunk, embedded full size image which can be enlarged by click on a link which actually runs a java script. As for the very address of the image, which can be checked upon by using, say, Firefox, to tell the information about a particular image, it is the same whether or not the image is shrunk or full-scaled. Now what I want to find is a piece of software, a regular expression, or whatever that would scan the website with the thumbnails for addresses to the subpages corresponding to them, and then automatically download the full size images from these subpages.

Such a thing should also have an option which would tell it to ignore the thimbnail (and all other graphics on the webpages besides the image I want) when downloading.

I've been looking for either any software or regular expression which would help me to fulfill this goal, but so far I haven't come across anything close enough. I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with this :)


To answer your question about the details, I would first have to tell you about the tool. So the one I was trying to use for this purpose was an add-on for Firefox called "Image Download II". One of its capabilities regards detecting thumbnails for full size images and then moving to the said images. All it needs to operate, though, is the patterns of thumbnails and the pattern of a full size image direct link.

Now If by the "code" you mean a pattern like that, I can provide you the general form of the direct link to the thumbnail, the form of the direct link to a full size image, and the regular expression patterns corresponding to them that I had tried to use:

The Thumbnail Direct Link:

The Full Size Image Direct Link:

The Pattern of the Thumbnail Direct Link: http\:\/\/[a-z]*\.[a-zA-Z]*\.org\/[a-z]*\/[0-9]*\/[a-zA-Z0-9_]*\.jpg

The Pattern of the Full Size Image

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  • 9 years ago

    Can you provide an example of the code, and also name which tool/language you are hoping to use to parse the page (or at least the OS you're using, and the software or format you want the result to go to)

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