What is the name of this Lifetime movie?

This is all I remember about the movie...A young couple movie into a house, they befriend one of the guys and he convinces them to open an art gallery. Can someone tell me what this movie is?

Sorry it's not much to go on, but I don't remember alot about the movie.

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  • 9 years ago
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    A Friend of the Family (2007 TV movie)

    starring Laura Harris, Eric Johnson and Kim Coates

    IMDb synopsis:

    After she narrowly escapes rape by attackers in Toronto, artist Alison Shaw and her devoted husband, Darrin, a construction worker, move to a rural small town in Ontario and find their dream home. The locals are welcoming, especially David Snow, who makes Darrin his partner in an antiques business and gallery for Alison's art. However, she comes to believe that David is a serial killer. Given his excellent reputation, no one believes her, and some acquaintances think that she might have post-partum depression following the birth of a child. Even after the Shaws move to Vancouver, Alison's obsession remains.

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