Why do people try to make Green Arrow in to Batman? or worse James Bond?

I love Batman and James Bond has much has the next guy, but Green Arrow Has always been my favorite Superhero because he has the guts or stupidity depending on how you look at it, to do the one thing that most superheroes won't dare touch, Politics and the Corporate Corruption that goes on.

Bats doesn't like to get involved in politics unless he has to, and GA could care less about Supervillians and what other heroes think, he want to help the Averge joe, the poor man, the litte guy, he rather make sure that some crook doesnt take your money, while Sups is too busy fight Luthor to even bother to help you,

He is a Poltical, Tree Hugging, Activist, Lefty, who doesn't give a crap about what other people say or am I wrong?, so why now do we have to turn him in to a Non Dark Batman, Isn't that why he didn't almost last in comics because, they keep trying to make him in to Batman, when he is not, so why are we trying to make him in to Batman now, or worse James Bond? what happend to the Tree Hugging, Political, Lefty, who hates the Fat Cats?

would Green Arrow, want to be involed with the protest in the real world and agaisnt the fat cats that is happing now? So why change him now, when it feels like the world could use some one like him, even if he isn't real?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Honestly, people just find the Robin Hood take on the character too controversial.

    They do. People complained about it even with the more swashbuckling take on it with the Golden Age version of the character. Some people just have problems with wrapping their head around the idea that a superhero might actually steal from the rich to give to the poor. Some people--particularly wealthy _Publisher_ types who own the presses--just can't seem to grasp how any sort of property loss, even in the name of social justice, could be considered "heroism".

    And honestly? If you were to take the Ollie Queen character seriously at all, he'd essentially be a soft-villain, slightly worse off than Catwoman. He would be--there's the Robin Hood element, and oh yeah, he's an Olympic Caliber Archer who isn't afraid to kill (_Longbow Hunters_, people).

    So basically we're talking about a DCU version of Hunter Rose Grendel, only slightly more enlightened and sympathetic to the poor and downtrodden. He'd be the villain the good guys are _reluctant to bust_, because he's doing the wrong thing for _all_ the right reasons.

    But of course, he's a C-lister, and really, too many fans have romantic memories of the late Silver Age/Baxter Format comic he once shared with Green Lantern, as the original buddy comic. DC Comics knows they can't do that to him.

    So they demote him to "loony uncle" status, make him a "bad influence" in an ineffective way (as per the Metzler arcs of _Justice League_, post-Infinite Crisis). Or they have him kill someone _right before the universe reboots_. D'oh.

    Only in DC Comics, folks. Truly.

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    9 years ago

    you cant have looked far for the green arrow.


    i think its a way to bring back old heros


  • 9 years ago

    who is green arrow? you mean green lantern?

    i searhced and got zero googled hits.

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