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Why do we always hear about the Holocaust in Germany, but we don't hear as much about Hiroshima by the USA?

I feel bad for all the Jews who died at the hands of the Germans.

BUT, how many million Japanese people die in Hiroshima?

You countless movies and TV shows about how cruel were the Germans to the Jews. The media has done a great job not letting us know just how BAD can us humans be, we need just look at the Germans. There's so much information out there about this awful genocide.


American ALSO killed millions of people. America is guilty of genocide. I think it's dumb to say American was at war. The Germans were at war too. Both Germany and the USA are guilty of genocide.


Where are the movies? Where are the TV shows? Where are all the details of this genocide?

The information about the Gestapo is out there. We know how cruel and cold were the people behind the German secret police.

Where is the information of the cruel and cold American people who were behind the millions of people dead in Japan?

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    War is written by the "Victor" and guess who it was after the war?

    America was the most powerful country after the war due to it coming in late and waiting for Germany to be weaken by Soviets and Britains, therefore selling arms and ammunition to these countries is a perfect sense to make money and profits out of the war and a guaranteed seat as the Modern Day Super Power.

    Now propaganda and media is what your question seeks, the allies always wanted to be seen in the good light and always making the enemy as inhuman as possible to win the support of it's people, for example during the Bombing of Dresden by orders of Winston Churchill is seen by others after the war is a major War Crime because Dresden is a city filled with just civilians and paintings and after the war Winston Churchill tried to distant himself from that order for which he should be hanged.

    At Nuremberg trials nazi officers faced court and convicted of war crimes and about 95% of them are hanged for following orders from above since they have no choice, but allied officers went touch at all like the Soviet War crimes against German women and children which was mass rape and Winston himself should be hanged but allies needed to be in the good picture.

    An bombing and atomic bombs was used on civilians because its part of the doctrine "Terror Bombing" which is purpose is to bomb them into submission and eventually unconditional surrendering.

    Remember in order for a capitalist nation to work, it needs the support of it's people to function so media is what play an important part in american lives.

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    Is this a joke? What about the people that the Japanese killed during the war. The Asian Holocaust. They went berserk in China. But I guess that doesn't count because they were nuked, right? We killed in the name of self defense, they killed for the pure pleasure of it. They raped children and old women. They held contests to see how many people that they could behead. They beheaded POW's that fell out of line and couldn't walk anymore. They experimented on live people. Where are the shows, movies and books about that? Read The rape of Nanking by Iris Chan. We bombed Hiroshima after we first asked them to surrender, which they ignored us. Hiroshima was also a factory city that was making war materials. They were training their citizens to fight in house to house combat just like they did in Okinawa. Why don't you read about the horrors that the "innocent" Japanese people did. I guess that you'd rather we just handed over the country to the Axis powers after we were bombed. That way we could have been raped, tortured and murdeedr just like all of the other countries that they invaded.

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    History taught in America is so selective, self-convenient, and filled with descriptions of heroic military operations.

    America is the country, that dropped the two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing tens of thousands of innocent people with knowing most of them were children, women, elderly people, the country that firebombed most of the cities of Japan, the country that told the Japanese government to give away the control over the Japan's territory that millions of Japanese ancestors had strove for acquiring in order to fend off possible interventions and intrusion from the western powers, the country that cut the oil supply for Japan and throw that humiliating Hull Note on Japan.

    It's not Japan but America who started the war to gain the national interest out of it.

    Do you really believe that the Justice is always with America?

    No they walk the world with the intention to gain national interest whatever it takes.

    Look at Israel, look at Iraqi. Whenever they start or support war, they arrange reasons to make them look right.

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    Really, it's impossible to measure human suffering. But just so you know, the number of Chinese people killed in the Japanese invasion was larger than the number of people killed in in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Tokyo combined. The Allies could have gone through with Operation Downfall, the planned invasion of Japan, but not only would that have probably resulted in millions of Allied deaths, it would have resulted in the deaths of a lot of Japanese soldiers (millions.)

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    Well, a couple of things. We were in a state of war, and had been attacked by the Japanese. We wanted a decisive end to the war. Second, the Holocaust was complete genocide. The attack on Hiroshima wasn't even the most destructive attack we had on the Japanese, just the biggest explosion.

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    140000 died due to the bombing of Hiroshima and another 75,000 in the bombing of Nagasaki. The plans for the invasion of Japan estimated. A study done for the Secretary of War estimated that conquering Japan would cost 1.7-4 million American casualties, including 400,000-800,000 fatalities, and five to ten million Japanese fatalities.

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    History is biased depending on who tells it. Americans don't want to make their own country look like the bad guys. The main argument I hear used is that killing all those people saved so many lives on both sides by ending the war. We will never know how accurate that really is.

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    Actually, Hiroshima gets an awful lot of attention. August 6 is International Peace Day, which is commemorated in a series of events, in many major cities. The link features the many events commemorating this in NYC--If the largest city near you does NOT have similar events on Aug. 6, I'd be really, really surprised. (Just be careful to watch the news that day). In addition, Japan does its own commemoration of the event every year, featuring visits from 70 countries; this was the first year the US took part.

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    I dont think you can really compare the two events, Hiroshima and Holocaust.

    Hitler intended to wipe out the Jewish people entirely.

    American bombed Hiroshima to put an abrupt end to the war, not to exterminate people simply because they were Japanese.

    Im not saying Hiroshima was a good thing, but they certainly had very different motives

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    You should do some research before you spout off.

    It wasn't millions that died in Hiroshima, not that many people even lived there.

    I say get off your high horse and learn about what your talking about.

    The acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki

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