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United States President in history are these people?

The more the better!

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    The first United States Sun Yat-Sen: George Washington (George Washington): 1789-1797, Presidents of the founding parties: federalist

    The second term the first owner of the White House: John Adams (John Adams): 1797-1801, called "old Adams", his son was the 6th United States Presidents, and son jointly become the United States the first father-son Presidents. Political affiliation: United States federal party

    Third Declaration of independence drafted: tuomasi·jiefuxun (Jefferson Thomas) term: 1801 Democratic Republican party

    Fourth United States the founder of the Constitution: James Madison (James Madison): 1809-1817 Democratic Republican party

    The fifth term "Monroe doctrine" founder: James Monroe (James Monroe) term: 1817-1825 Democratic Republican party

    Sixth former able diplomat: John Quincy Adams (John Quincy Adams)

    [Li Xueju Ministers met United States former President Carter]

    Li Xueju Minister met with United States President Jimmy Carter

    Term: 1825-1829 called "small Adams", his father was the second United States Presidents, and father are for the United States the first father-son Presidents. Democratic Republican party

    Seventh President first civilian origins President: Andrew Jackson (Andrew Jackson): 1829-1837, the Democratic Party

    Eighth first born in after founding President: a Martin Van Buren (in Martin Van Buren) term: 1837: Democratic Party

    Nineth tenure the shortest Presidents: William Henry Harrison (William Henry Harrison): 1841 died one month after taking office during his tenure, the Sun is the 23rd United States President. Whig party

    First by the Vice President took over as President of the tenth, is also the first Chinese President to sign the unequal treaties and: John Taylor (John Tyler): 1841-1845, Whig party

    11th President of the first "dark horse" President James Knox Polk (James Knox Polk): 1845-1849, the Democratic Party

    12th first professional soldier born President: zhakali·taile (Zachary Taylor): 1849-1850, died of his Whig party

    [Abraham Lincoln]


    13th on the slavery issue unpopular President: Millard Fillmore (Millard Fillmore): 1850-1853 Whig party

    14th Vice President of popularity is very low: fulankelin·piersi (Franklin Pierce): 1853-1857, the Democratic Party

    15th single presidential: the James Buchanan (the James Buchanan) 1857: Democratic Party

    The 16th President of the great Democrat: Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln) Republicans in 1861-1865, during his term was the assassination and died

    17th xianzao impeached President: Andrew Johnson (Andrew Johnson) in 1865-1869 by the Democratic Party who have been Congress's impeachment motion, adopted without a vote

    18th the first graduate of West Point military Presidents: Ulysses Simpson grant (Ulysses Simpson Grant) Republican 1869-1877

    19th President through behind-the-scenes transactions get elected President: Lasser Ford · B · Hayes (Rutherford b. Hays) Republican 1877-1881

    20th second assassination of President James Garfield (James Garfield) Republican in 1881 took office six months after the assassination, died during his term of

    21st front on the most junior President: best · · AB (Chester a. Arthur) Republican in 1881-1885

    22nd term not connected to the President only twice: geluofu·kelifulan (Stephen Grover Cleveland), the Democratic Party in 1885-1889

    23rd Premier orator: benjemin Harrison (Benjamin Harrison) Republican 1889-1893 grandfather was the 9th United States Presidents

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