What would YOU name all boy Septuplets?

I would name all boy Septuplets:

1. Nathan Scott (Nate)

2. Blake Michael

3. Cole Benjamin

4. Dylan Christopher (Dil)

5. Lucas Matthew (Luke)

6. Jacob James (Jake)

7. Mason Gabriel (Mace)

BQ: What do you think of the names i chose?


ceridd - Sure go ahead and use some of my names lol, :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    ♂ Adam Gregory "Adam"

    ♂ Christopher Michael "Chris"

    ♂ John Alexander "John"

    ♂ Robert Jacob "Robert"

    ♂ Samuel Thomas "Sam"

    ♂ William Connor "Will"

    ♂ Zachary Kevin "Zach"


    Nathan Scott - 7/10 - Nice, uncommon name for a boy. It ages well overall, but I slightly prefer the name Nathaniel. Nathaniel Scott just has a nice ring to it. However, if you don't want to change it, Nathan Scott sounds nice and has a natural flow.

    Blake Michael - 5/10 - I've never been a huge fan of the name Blake. It reminds me of a jerk that I know, so that's never a plus. However, it's a nice enough name to last him his whole life. Michael is good middle name and flows well with Blake.

    Cole Benjamin - 5/10 - Personally, I feel that the name Cole is far too trendy to use right now. Sure, it's not as popular as Ethan, Noah, or Aidan, but it's getting up there. It doesn't age that well. Benjamin is okay, but it does sound nice with Cole.

    Dylan Christopher - 7/10 - I prefer the spelling Dillon by far, but Dylan is nice too. I just added Dillon Robert to my list since I think it's a charming, lovable, timeless boy name. Christopher is one of my favorites and it balances out with Dylan very nicely.

    Lucas Matthew - 6/10 - Lucas is a just an okay name to me. I don't see anything special about it. It ages well, is strong, masculine, and sounds intelligent, so what's not to like? Luke is what I love about this name. Matthew compliments it well.

    Jacob James - 8/10 - My favorite on your list. Jacob is a short, sweet, simple, kind, handsome name that comes with the adorable nickname Jake. It's formal, ages well, and is just great. James is always a great middle name and it sounds nice with Jacob.

    Mason Gabriel - 4/10 - My least favorite on your list. Mason is the most popular baby name as of Sept. 2011. It doesn't age well, sounds too trendy and modern, and I just don't like it (sorry about being so blunt). Gabriel sounds very feminine to me.

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  • 8 years ago

    1. Lucas Andrew

    2. Alastair Charles

    3. William Drake

    4. Elliott Arthur

    5. Roman Alexander

    6. Grayson Everett

    7. Jude Samuel

    Luke, Al, Will, Eli, Rome, Gray & Jude :)

    BQ: I like Blake Michael, Cole Benjamin and Lucas Matthew. Scott is also a great middle.

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  • 8 years ago

    ♂ Lucas Nathaniel

    ♂ Benjamin Wyatt

    ♂ Alexander Samuel

    ♂ Jackson Henry

    ♂ Nicholas Andrew

    ♂ William James

    ♂ Thomas Blake

    ♂ Patrick Daniel

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  • 8 years ago

    1. Charles Malachy.

    2. Sullivan Blaise.

    3. Dexter Elliot.

    4. Flynn Maxwell.

    5. Milo Cillian.

    6. Callum Rhys.

    7. Marshall Ciaran.

    Charles, Sullivan, Dex, Flynn, Milo, Cal, and Marshall.

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  • ceridd
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Yeah! Love these questions.

    1. Henry Milo

    2. Edwin Davis

    3. Jude Anthony

    4. Soren Leif

    5. Tristan Gregor

    6. Ezra Gabriel

    7. Lucas Heath

    I need more boys so I can use some of your names, especially Dylan, James, Jake, Ben and Michael!

    I like how you used Lucas and Gabriel - Love those names! My favorite combo is Jacob James...It has an interesting dynamic, with JJ and 2 long A's. There are "rules" against that which need to be broken and used as guidelines, because the same old patterns get boring to compose. I like

    Dylan Christopher because it doesn't flow, but instead it Glidesss from beginning to end - LOL - and it's so long, but you hardly move your tongue !

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  • Ezra William

    Brayden Ty

    Ryder Elliot

    Bentley Ryan

    Blake Taylor

    Kaiden Isaac

    Bohdi Lucas

    from yours i like Nathan Scott, Blake Michael and Mason Gabriel and my least fav would be Dylan Christopher

    Source(s): <3
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  • 8 years ago

    Nathan Scott is kinda cute together... I'm coming around to Nathan.

    Blake Michael is ok. I like Michael as a middle name. Blake is ok.

    Cole Benjamin is cute. I like Cole and Benjamin goes well.

    Dylan Christopher. I love Christopher. Dylan is ok.

    Lucas Matthew is my favorite. I love Lucas and Matthew.

    Jacob James I love the name James and Jacob I just don't like them together.

    Mason Gabriel is cute. I actually considered this name at one point in time.

    My names:

    James Michael "Jay"

    Marshall Alexander "Mars/Alex"

    Bentley Daniel "Bentley/Danny"

    Jacob Isaiah "Jake"

    Joseph Aaden "Joey"

    Jaceon River "Jace"

    Matthew Nickholas "Matt"

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  • I have a similar name taste to yours. LOL. Here's mine:

    1. Adam Joseph

    2. Benjamin Michael

    3. Brendan Patrick

    4. Dylan Christopher

    5. Luke Steven

    6. Mason Thomas

    7. Ryan John

    'Adam, Ben, Brendan, Dylan, Luke, Mason & Ryan' :)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. Austin David

    2. Justin Kaleb

    3. Blake Kevin

    4. Nicholas Joe (Nick)

    5. Isaac Tyler

    6. Christopher Andrew (Chris)

    7. Brandon Bryant

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. Josiah Mark

    2. Henry Benjamin

    3. Theodore Lucas

    4. Charles Patrick

    5. Samuel George

    6. Alexander David

    7. Nicholas Elijah

    Si, Harry, Theo, Charlie, Sam, Alex and Nico.

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