Mechanic didn't fix car problems. Plz help! ?

I took my car into a mechanic shop & told them that my brakes were squealing and there was a popping sound when I turned my wheel right or left. They said they would look at it & let me know what's wrong so they called me back said I needed rear brake pads, lower controller, and something else I can't remember. Anyway it all costed me 390$ for parts & labor. but it's been about 3 days & I still hear the popping sound and the brakes are still squealing really bad. I am an 18 year old girl so I'm thinking they screwed me over badcially cause I'm a young girl. I am broke and that was all the money I had. What can/should I do? I am so upset that I gave them all my money & they didn't even fix the problems. Please help! Thx

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  • 9 years ago
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    Go back in there TOMORROW! Tell them the problem wasn't fixed at all and you want them to fix it right this time, and don't let them try and charge you again! You can sue for this if they don't fix it for free!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yeah thats wat a lot of assssshole mechanics do. they say its this and that but really its not so they screw you over. sometimes they even mess up your car so it looks like somethign else is wrong with it

    i think you could have taken the car to some other mechanics

    like you could have told the 1st mechanic can you just take a look at it but dont have him work on it or nothign

    then take it to a 2nd mechanic and i pretty sure you will get a diffrent answer it happens a lot

    go back to those donkeys and tell them they didnt fix the problem or youll sue them

  • 9 years ago

    bring the car back to them and tell them there is still problems and it needs to be fixed again. if they refuse you could always sue?

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