If you block someone on Facebook,will they know? Will they be able to find out you blocked them?

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To make a long sotry short, my mom doesn't know i have a fb, and if she does, i will not be able to walk again. And fb helps me with school, and i've met some pretty cool ...show more
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First you really should be honest with ur mother because in the end it will only be bad. Explain to her how it bennifits you and let there be an open policy that she can ck ur page. But to answer ur question blocking someone makes it look like u don't have a facebook to the person blocked. How ever it will not stop if someone else sees it and tells her. Hope this helps.

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It did, thanks you alls!
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  • Orange answered 3 years ago
    Blocking is confidential, which means that users are not notified when they are blocked and people cannot distinguish between someone that blocked them and someone that deleted his own account.

    However, if the blocked person can see that your profile is still visible from one of your friend's account or by people who are not Facebook users, it will be easy for this person to deduce that you didn't delete your account, and that therefore he, or she, was blocked by you.


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  • EpiCherry answered 3 years ago
    Well, yes she will if she's your friend...but if she was your friend then she would know o.o
    But if you do block her if your not her friend, then no your name won't appear on the search list.
    Good luck{:
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  • 33Q answered 3 years ago
    Simply put, No, they will not know or be able to know you Blocked them.

    According to Facebook's Help Center: (Here's the link, if needed: http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=103802...
    Will someone know if I've blocked them?
    No. Blocking someone is completely confidential, and the person will not be notified that he or she has been blocked.

    Although I don't know your specific situation, (your Yahoo profile says you're a 21 yr old male), I understand your privacy issues with your mother. Keep in mind, that IF you get caught, you need to be aware of the consequences. Prove to your mom that you're responsible to use Facebook. All the best to you. God bless


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  • Erica answered 3 years ago
    It'll show like a "connection error" if she finds u. But she wont b able to search for u. The only way she would know u have one is if you two share a mutual friend and she sees u in the mutual friend, friends list.
    Your mother wont be able to contact u tho.
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  • Hannah answered 3 years ago
    They wont get notified...
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