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LJ asked in SportsHockey · 9 years ago

Are the Mighty Ducks movies the most inaccurate hockey movies ever?

Growing up I used to watch the Mighty Duck movies, and thought they were *sooo cooollll*, but recently I watched one and I was like, "Interference, trip, intent to injure, interference, offsides..."

The bash brothers? Really...So it's legal to go hit everyone with out the puck in a malicious intent to injure...Russ Tyler taking his helmet off before shooting his Knuckle puck in full goalie pads? Cowboy dwayne roping someone mid game?

My question is: Do you think the Mighty Ducks movies inaccuracies have anything to do with the unpopularity and general misunderstanding of the game of hockey in the United States?

(I'm taking on a deeper level of comparison about the non-hockey fan's understanding of hockey, compared to the non-football fan's understanding of football ect.)

BQ: What is your favorite inaccurate part about the Mighty Ducks movies?

I like how Fulton Reed could shoot a puck through the net...Wow.


Will: It's a kids movie, really? And my explanation about Fulton Reed...he could shoot a puck through the net whenever he wanted to and it would actually leave burn marks. I know some NHL players have shot through the netting because the nylon ripped, that's possible, I've seen it happen with older nets. But to actually make the net disintegrate whenever he wanted to...really?

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    Technically dwayne did get 2 for ropeing..

    The flying V would have been the least successful play of all time since they set up before crossing the blue line you could just stand up the lead dude every time..

    Shae Webber can shoot a puck through the net so it is some what possible..

    Howevber the most far fetched hockey movie is without a dought most valuable primate..

  • 9 years ago

    If the Mighty Ducks movies had led to any unpopularity or misunderstandings of the game of hockey, then the NHL probably wouldn't have created the Anaheim Ducks expansion team. Remember, "Air Bud" had a dog in it, and I doubt anyone grew up thinking it was legal to bring a mutt on the court as a player.

    Best part of the MD movie: when they were showing the Duck's equipment early on in the locker rooms, and some kid had newspapers stuffed inside his pants and shirt as padding. That was pretty great.

  • 9 years ago

    Man, I haven't seen those movies in years, but I remember even as a little kid watching them, I knew they were ridiculous.

    But I agree with Jaguar, MVP takes the cake for stupidest hockey movie. I watched that movie on a road trip from Chicago to Calgary with my peewee team for a tourney..... brings back memories. But seriously, a monkey and an American going up and dominating a Canadian junior team.... normal

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    You realize it's a kids movie, right? That they make movies about talking toys, rats who cook in toilets, and the unfortunate story of a robot in love cleaning trash on earth. It's not supposed to be accurate, it's supposed to be entertaining for kids and get them interested in hockey. It's not inaccurate, it's exaggerated to make it more interesting.

    And, to your last sentence, I love that you think that's inaccurate. It's possible to break the net with a puck. Chara did it. Weber did it. It's possible.

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  • Matt
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    9 years ago

    Who cares? Cowboy Dwayne is funny

    And yeah it's inaccurate, but its a kids movie

  • MLA
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    9 years ago

    LOL umm yeah totally stupid....How would Iceland EVER be an international hockey power? WTF?? Oh...and the flying V formation makes NO sense

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    never watched them thank god

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