bulgarian to english?

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Dilqna Kirova

lele jiji ,ni6to kakvo da pravq v nesebar sam si o6te,napusnah rab poneje smqtam da zaminavam za germaniq pri priqtelq mi,golqm risk poemam no re6ih da riskuvam dokato sme mladi nali taka :PPP

ti kak si ??? na kade si ??

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  • 9 years ago
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    lele is something like OMG in Bulgarian. Jiji is a nickname of a girl.

    Omg Jiji, nothing much going on here I'm still in Nessebar (city), I quit my job because I've decided to go to Germany to live with my boyfriend, I'm taking a big risk but I've decided to do it, you know, at least while we are still young, right? :PPP How are you? Where are you know?

    Source(s): Bulgarian :)
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