What is the purpose of an SSD?

I'm looking to improve my computer and am wondering about getting an SSD. I don't really have that much knowledge of computers so was wondering what to replace.

For instance, if I got a 128GB SSD drive, would that replace the hard drive and the RAM? So is it both somewhere you can store files and have your real time memory

If so does that mean I potentially have 128GB worth of "RAM" for want of a better term, that can't be right because thats insane.

Also how much better is it than traditional storage space? I've heard that its worth at least double in terms of storage space than traditional hard drives.

Any information would be useful, thanks

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    8 years ago
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    its just fadter,

  • Zarn
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    8 years ago

    It will NOT mean that your system memory is 128 GB. It will mean that your hard disk is 128 GB. An SSD has much faster access rates and transfer rates than a traditional HDD, but costs much more per GB. It also uses less power, and generates much less heat. Therefore, an SSD is ideal for either computer enthusiasts that want the fastest, most responsive computer possible, or in a setting where one wants as little noise, heat and power consumption as possible (upscale laptops, for instance).

    It isn't worth "at least double in terms of storage space". That doesn't make any sense. It is what it is, and it is the equivalent of, say, a 128 GB HDD - nothing more, nothing less. 128 GB will be enough for a full Windows 7 installation (and you should run Windows 7 because of TRIM), Office, and a game or two, with some GB left over.

  • 8 years ago

    Its just a faster hard drive, you would install the operating system on it. In addition to being faster SSD don't suffer fragmentation (they do get fragmented but it doesn't matter as there are no moving parts).

    Its actually less storage space for the cost but is much faster so it gives a speed benefit. Generally you would also have a regular larger hard drive that you use for storage. in this case you would install it as a second hard drive, reinstall windows onto the new drive and keep the current drive as a storage drive.

    You would still need regular ram too, it only replaces the hard drive.

  • Silent
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    8 years ago

    An SSD is a hard drive. It has nothing to do with RAM and does not "replace RAM" in any way.

    The reason they're more expensive is that they're generally much faster than traditional hard drives, because files can be read from or written to anywhere on the drive at any time; a traditional hard drive has to spin a disc and move a mechanical arm around to get to different locations.

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  • 8 years ago

    Just to clarify a point, the reason they are more expensive is because it is expensive producing the flash memory used in SSD's, you pay a premium for the speed but in my opinion its worth the premium for my use. I have ssd's or momentus xt hybrid drives in all my machines and wouldn't give them up for anything. Its also nice not having to worry about defragging and having windows boot in about 15 seconds (and linux just about as fast). 128gb of system memory/ram is not insane (though it would be in a desktop machine). I've rolled out many machines with 100+gb of memory at work for large scale storage/database projects. Its just not something a home consumer would run.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    SSD drives have nothing to do with ram. They are basically big storage cards that you get in phones/mp3 players but are made for PC's. Faster and more reliable than standard HD's as they have no moving parts.

    You would have 128GB of ram ,you will have 128GB of storage

    Lookin at your other question your better off upgrading other parts of you pc.

  • dibble
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    3 years ago

    Purpose Of Solid State Drive

  • 8 years ago

    A SSD is a data storing device like your regular HDD, it has nothing to do with RAM.

    The best use of a SSD is to install your Operating System on it and your softwares (Office,photoshop etc).

    It is much faster than only twice as fast as regular HDD, you can't really compare them. With a SSD you'll see that softwares will load pretty much instantly compared to your regular HDD.

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