By Friday & please

1. 請問 by Friday 完全等於 before Friday嗎?
為什麼老外多用by而不是before? (如: by tomorrow, by 2012)

2. He is difficult to please. 可以等於 He is difficult to be pleased.嗎?
Update: 3. stand by me = stand beside me = stand next to me 嗎?
Update 2: 4. 要表達"兩天後"的話, two days later = after two days = in two days 嗎?
可是中文"兩天內"要翻譯成英文時"in two days"出現的比率似乎高於" within two days" ,
所以 "in two days" 到底是"兩天後"還是"兩天內"?
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