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中翻英(急) 請幫幫忙><~ (20點)

那是一段辛苦又快樂的時光,每天到學校後的體能訓練,基本體操 和操場十圈,我們總是互相競爭,先把訓練做完的人可以贏得早餐,我們 也會互相激勵,在我們練習到疲累的時候,當我們在比賽中贏得勝利

,會一起分享勝利的喜悅。 =====================================================


感謝每個願意點進來看的大大們~m(_ _)m

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    Those were difficult/hard and happy days. Every day, after we had arrived at school, we had to take the physical training, basic gymnastics and ran for ten laps. On one hand, we always competed with each other. The one who first finished the training could be rewarded a breakfast. On the other hand, we encouraged each other when we were exhausted by the training. When we won a competition, we shared in the joy of victory.

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    people [who] [could] finish first training would win a breakfast


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    It's been a hard and fun time, every day after school physical training, basic gymnastics

    Ten rings and playground, we always compete to finish the training one can win first breakfast, we

    Also encourage each other, when we practiced got tired, when we won in the match victory

    Will share the joy of victory.

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    It was a difficult and happy moments, every day after school physical training, basic gymnastics

    And playground ten laps, we always compete with each other, people can finish first training win breakfast, we

    Will stimulate each other, in our practice to the tired, when we win the game

    , Will share the joy of victory.

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