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I don't know if this guy likes me and how do I talk to him?

Well Ive known this guy for 3 months now from school I have him in my 4th period and he a Senior and I'm a Junior in high school. Well I know him from this guy I used to like witch he's in our class too. It started on Friday September 16, 2011 our homecoming that day change my feelings for him. What happen was it was a football game of course, I was hanging with my friends at homecoming and they had to leave early cause of their parents. Well I was supposes to hang out with my best friend in the world but her boyfriend was there and I didn't want to hang out with her cause of her boyfriend because they get to affectionate and its awkward trying to hang with them, but I ran into the that's in my 4th period we where talking for a bit and I went to get some water cause I've eaten chocolate cookie to clean my mouth I came back and he wasn't there I was like fu@k where did he go I don't want to be A loner, and then he called my name and he was siting in the bleachers and I ask him if I can hang with him until the game ends he was cool about it.So I went over the railing so I can seat with him there was no room so I asked him if it was okay to sit on his lap and he was okay with it. So I sat on him to keep him warm cause he wasn't wearing anything warm and I was wear a jacket, he started to put his hand around my curves and through my jacket pocket and he would squeeze me tight and hug me and put his chin on my shoulder. And I got off of him because I felt I was hurting his thighs we where talking about what kind of music we like cause he in a band too and our annoying teacher, and the game ended and so I was going to meet my friend somewhere and he was too, we walked together and I was on his left walking and he wanted me to be on his right so I went to his right so he would be quite about it, and then we meet up with our friends and we left. After that week we been talking more touching not sexual poking each other he still puts his chin on my shoulder.

And I'm getting confused because all of this story and how to talk to him and hang out cause he is the sweetest guy I ever met.

Ps: He is not like the other guys who just wants to have sex he is Sweet, nice, sensitive and amazing person.

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    It makes me laugh whenever I see someone asking how to talk to someone. Seriously, just go up say "Hi, how are you?"

    Source(s): You people yap all day but don't know how to talk to someone?
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