How did the Reconquest effect Spain?

can anybody just tell me where i can get this information or point me in the right direction?

i need to know the influence of the Reconquest (also known as the 700 Years War) in shaping Spain's economic, social, political structures.

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    Wikipedia is a good start.

    I don't know if you are in College or not so I don't know if I can recommend books to you. But if you do have a college library near you, just search for "reconquest" or simply "Spanish history."

    Basically know that there were 2 parts to Spain - The Catholic North and the Muslim South. The Muslim South split into several Taifa kingdoms that became dependent on Castile for protection agaisnt the other Taifa caliphs.

    There is a term known as convivencia - it basically means "living together." The reconquest was not this grand war against 2 dueling religions (like the Crusades in the Holy Land). It was a little more complicated. Plus, there were Jews living in both areas. So it was really an interfaith community.

    This should get you started. If you are still having trouble, post another question and I will get to it. Cheers

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