Daniel Y asked in SportsSurfing · 8 years ago

Which longboard should i get?

Rayne Vendetta:

Bear 852

bones reds

venom super carves and barrels

gnar 32 griptape

metro motion 70mm 78a


Landyachtz Time Machine

caliber 44

bones reds

abec 11 flywheels 76mm 81a

Bearing spacers

daddies ura skate tool

oust lube and cleaning kit


can switch bears with paris

and metros can be venom canibals

and flywheels can be metros

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  • Ryan D
    Lv 6
    8 years ago
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    The Vendetta seems more of a slide setup. I personally do not like bears, but you can try them. Vendetta seems like a good all around board too, but definitely more expensive. The 44 Cals with help level out the wedging of the Time Machine for stability, but I would not recommend the FlyWheels. The Time Machine would be lower and nice as well. Time Machine is cheaper, lower, and more slidey.

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