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alaskan crab fishing?

Im from the uk im 18 nearly 19 currently a chef but i really really want to start alaskan crab fishing i cant find anything on the web after about a year of searching it is a dream of mine :( i want to know how to apply for a job there ?????

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    Yes - I fished along side those guys - we fished for salmon. You just have to go there and hang out and see if you can get hired. But I doubt it's very easily done. It's miserable, dangerous work - but I would imagine you have plenty of that in the UK. I guess the payout can be magnificent. I remember talking to somebody once who knew about a certain crab boat which had just come in - and the crew share was $40,000 a man! And that was back in the late 60's - that was enough to take a trip around the world for a couple month's work.

    You should try to represent yourself as an experienced sailor of course. You'd hang around the docks - and you'd hang around the canneries and talk to the bosses there. Sometimes you could get lucky.

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  • 8 years ago

    NO CHANCE AT ALL! There is high unemployment in the fishing industry as a whole ! for starter there are a large number of highly skilled CANADIAN REPEAT CANADIAN Crab fisher looking for work so why pick an unskilled untrained BRIT with NO Experience even before you get over the biggest hurdle of READ MY LIPS NOT BEING A CANADIAN!

    Besides which it's nothing like it's pictured on the television its cold miserable and the pay is NOT AS HIGH AS CLAIMED! In fact it's very very poor unless you are the ships captain or own the vessel.

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  • 8 years ago

    i dont mean you any offense by this. but as a chef, you have no idea what you are getting into. i have worked with my hands out in the elements for my entire adult life and thats a hard enough way to make a living. add in the freezing bering sea and 36 hour marathons on deck and you are talking about frozen hell on earth. its a hard hard living and not nearly as glamorous as the tele makes it seem. there is a reason all the old fisherman look used up and put away wet. go to university, learn to make a living with your brain. your hands and your back will thank you when your are in your 40's

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  • 8 years ago

    a chef at 18 or 19?

    how many years experience and/or schooling?

    you DO realize of course those guys will throw you off the boat if you try to feed them hot dogs. they expect to be fed WELL by an experienced chef.

    go get 5 or 6 more years experience at a major restaurant like one of bobby flay's or mario batali's. those guys are CHEFS!!

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  • 8 years ago

    Here look at this link.

    Just know that there are many who want to work in the crabbing field thanks to deadliest catch TV show.

    Here is another link that may help you find some info.

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