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Where is the United States currently at war with?

And are they currently bombing the places? Also, are soldiers over at the place they are bombing?

And a separate question, has the USA and India ever gotten into a war or has the USA bombed India? If so, when? Thanks!

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  • Wraeth
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    The United States hasn't been to war since the middle of 1945.

    We are currently involved in conflicts in, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Bosnia, Djibouti, Somalia, and many other parts of Africa.

    The US and India have never gone to war with each other.

    @ Alec. If you look it up you will find that Congress never declared war on N. Korea in 1950. It was a UN Mandated military intervention on behalf of S. Korean independence. Yes the United States led the UN Forces there (General MacArthur) and yes it was primarily us fighting, but it was the first large scale conflict where we did not declare war. Also the Cease Fire was signed in 1953.

    Source(s): US Army Scout
  • Anonymous
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    Well technically speaking the President has the authorization to WAGE war while Congress has the authorization to DECLARE war.

    President Bush has engaged enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan; Congress has never technically declared war. In reality though, the United States is at war in Iraq in Afghanistan. (The argument is the wars are unconstitutional but, nobody can really do anything about it.)

    There has not been an official Declaration of War since WWII so does that mean the United States never went to war in Korea, Vietnam, or Iraq the first time?

    As for India, nope the US and India have never been at war and the United States has never bombed India.

    Also, as for the comments about North and South Korea technically they are still at war because a peace treaty was never signed by both sides. According While it is true there has not been any fighting for around the last 50 years or so technically, they are at war. Cease fires do not end a war only the fighting.

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    To my knowledge, the only real wars are Operation Enduring Freedom and War on Terror, but there are many peackeeping operations around the world.

    Nope, before WWII it was a british colony, so there have be no US-Indian hostility. But in my opinion, since the india and pakistan are mortal enemies we should be supporting india not pakistan. Pakistanis say Afghanistan is a terrorist training ground!? haha..well just look where they found Osama.

    In all summary i agree with mraeth

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    We're done with Iraq, we're starting to pull everyone out of Afghanistan, and we're operating now in Libya and Somalia. Contrary to what the other guy said, we actually haven't been to war since Korea back in the 1950's, which TECHNICALLY is still going on, because we only signed a cease-fire, never a peace treaty. So we are technically at warr with North Korea, but nothing has happened since 1955 I believe.

    Source(s): LCPL USMC
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  • Jeff
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    8 years ago

    Wreath called it. we haven't been to war since Japan and Germany. Give him credit for the answer.

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    The WMD argument substitute into extremely only an excuse the Bush administration believed the yank human beings might settle for as a valid reason for going to conflict in Iraq. area of the respond might have had something to do with unfinished organization of the previous President Bush. yet there might nicely be a 0.33 threat, which no person might ever be keen to communicate. My concept is that this: some 12 months in the past the commencing up of the 2d conflict in Iraq, the two Colin Powel and President Bush got here out publicly in desire or a unfastened Palistinian state. This rankled the Israelis to no end, and Ariel Sharon advised Bush that if the two of them saved speaking some unfastened Palestinian state then he (Israel) might kill each final between the Palestinians and end the priority as quickly as and for all. on the instant Bush and Powel dropped the priority of a unfastened Palestinian state and you by no ability heard yet another peep approximately it for over a 12 months. Ariel Sharon made yet another call for on an identical time; that in the time of substitute for permitting the Palestinians to stay, the U. S. might might desire to bypass in and end the Iraqi threat to Israel. So under pressure from the Israelis, who had to end a minimum of one risk-free practices threat, the U. S. substitute into compelled to invade Iraq and end the SCUD missile threat to Israel. Had the U. S. not performed that, then it could have been perplexing-pressed to describe to the yank human beings why it substitute into status by ability of and permitting mass-execution of the Palestinians by ability of the Israelis. (The Jewish lobby in the U. S. does not have allowed the administration or Congress to return out against the strikes of the Israelis. the U. S. is hamstrung while it is composed of taking ANY place against the Jewish state.) this may well be a concept which may be denied by ability of anybody yet makes extra sense than believing that the Iraqis had ANY weapon that is a threat to the U. S.. A threat to Israel, easily... yet to the U. S.? No way.

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