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Question about TB test?

I got my TB test about 9 hours ago. As of now I have a red circle around the injection. Does this mean that it is positive? I've had negative TB test done before and I never remember like this. I'm freaking out since I'm in nursing school, and about tuberculosis itself. As anyone ever had a red circle and it still turned out negative? I don't think the circle is raised, at least it doesn't feel raised.

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    If it's not raised, it's fine. You'd feel it if it were raised. I have a TB test annually, and I continue to develop large red blotches around the site due to reacting to something in the test. I had this year's a few weeks ago, and this time around got a large red circle (flat) and hives all over my arm that lasted for two days. It was a negative test, but I clearly react to something in it.

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    There is a reason that they wait 48-72 hours to "read" the test.

    An early red "bump" is not necessarily indicative of a (+) test.

    It can just be an injection site reaction.

    Source(s): Occupational Therapist in a hospital I've had so many PPDs I've lost count
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