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How can I tell if my girlfriend wants a threesome with another guy?

I have been getting the vibe that my girlfriend is into having a threesome with another guy. I don't want this, but I once tested her by talking about it and she said it turned her on the thought of it but then she backtracked and said she just said that to shut me up. How will I know if she does? Thanks.

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    When she actually asks for a 3 some and I suggest if it bothers you that much then say "no" to it, let her go.

    It is a fantasy, should only be kept a fantasy unless she's a hoe and wants to cheat on you! Stick to what you believe is right and wrong, eventually she will either cheat on you with 2 other guys to fulfill it or dump you to fulfill it, or if she respects you and loves you that much she will blow it off and not let it happen ever and be with you.

    Your just going to have to watch her and see what she does!!

    Another question do you love your girlfriend or does your girlfriend love you?

    I mean if you love someone you won't pass them around to someone else and use them like a sex object! I mean we females have feelings as well, so do you males.

    Personally I find women like this to be sluts and hoes without a caring feeling of remorse but it could be the thought of it and it making her turned on or whatever.

    The guy above me is right! Any guy to pass a girl around from friend to friend is a girl that don't care about! They're just "***" buckets.

    Plus, did people forget about diseases?

    What if your girlfriend ends up prego from the other guy or ends up catching an std, giving it to you as well!

    Don't forget about HPV and other Stds. Self respect, self esteem.

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    She is testing you to see if you would turn down the idea and say you don't want anyone else in your bedroom. Call her out by bringing home a guy. Make sure they guy is a friend and knows it is only a joke. That should make her stop. Or scope out guys while you are out with her and bring up her approaching him or you can. See what she says. Basically these kind of "jokes" are very hurtful to any relationship.

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    If she offers to have a threesome with another girl than watch out, she wants to use this in exchange for a 2-guy golden rule funfest

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    You need to ask her again. Sound like she may even have someone picked out. Don't sell it short, it can be a lot of fun, and it will be easier to get a MFF afterwards!

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  • 8 years ago

    Most women have MFM threesome fantasies, deal with it. I doubt she will push you to do one and if she does, just tell her no.

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    Why don't you just ask her seriously? And if she says she does like the idea of it, explain that you're not comfortable doing it.

  • Murzy
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    8 years ago

    do you really want to share her with another guy? i have passed around girls to my friends but never one that i cared about

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    I'm sure she likes the idea of it. She probably doesn't think it is that realistic, though.

  • Big R
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    8 years ago

    bring your buddy over have some drinks, and see what happens...

  • Mj
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    8 years ago

    Just ask her.

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