-Halloween themed baby name ideas!?

I'm expecting the day before Halloween .

Any names you can think of that are Halloween related?


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    9 years ago
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    Charles "Chucky", Michael Meyers, Frankinstien "Frankie", well these are close enough to matching the halloween theme

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Jack/Jacqueline- Jack-O-Lanterns: Jack Alexander, Jack Thomas, Jack Gregory, Jacqueline Mary, Jacqueline Alana, Jacqueline Daniela

    Hailey- Hay stacks: Hailey Alexandra, Hailey Gianna, Hailey Violet, Hailey Eve

    Adam- Adam's family: Adam Zachary, Adam Julian, Adam Henry, Adam Matthew

    Autumn-The season: Autumn Naomi, Autumn Juliet, Autumn Elisabeth, Autumn Marie

  • 9 years ago

    Halloween Names:


    * Christine -- Stephen King's evil car is one hot rod of a name.

    * Coraline -- Slightly sinister name from the animated film.

    * Jezebel -- Evil-minded Phoenician princess who became Queen.

    * Luna -- The moon goddess. Latin for moon.

    * Carrie -- Stephen King's prom Queen.

    * Lilith -- Thought to be a Biblical she-demon who dabbled in witchcraft.

    * Willow -- Means graceful and lithe ... almost ghostly.

    * Persephone -- Greek Queen of the underworld.

    * Desdemona -- Means ill-fated in Greek and thanks to Shakespeare.


    * Dante -- Great poet who wrote about hell.

    * Edgar -- After the dark poet, Edgar Allan Poe.

    * Damien -- The Omen's demon child.

    * Osiris -- The Egyptian King of the underworld.

    * Odin -- The God of death, magic, and poetry.

    * Phoenix -- A mythological beast and symbol of immortality.

    * Draco -- Greek for dragon or serpent.

    * Casper -- The friendly ghost.

    * Jason -- Voorhees: King Scary of the slasher flicks.

    * Jack -- Go with Pumpkin or Jack "Jack O-Lantern."

    * Edward -- For Cullen and Scissorhands.

    * Lestat -- Anne Rice's vampire played by Tom Cruise.

  • Astrid
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    9 years ago

    Names from horror movies:

    Katie, Sydney, Amelia, Katrina

    Jackie or Jacqueline could refer to a jack o lantern


    Salem or Sabrina (after the witch)

    Cassie (Casper the friendly ghost)

    Hope this Helped

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Autuam *season

    Haylie* hay stacks




    Casper Callie or Cassie*Casper the ghost



  • 9 years ago

    Pumpkin, Dracula, Jack, Boo (for a girl, I actually think that would be adorble! Monsters Inc. Inspired)

    p.s i am joking about Pumpkin and Dracula

    if you do not want to call your baby boo, why not have it as a middle name? or a nickname?

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