Can one purchase a electric car like the chevy Volt in chili and than bring it to the states?

And what changes will need to be made to the vehicle to comply to US standards?

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is an odd question, since the Chevy Volt is on sale in the US but not in Chili. The answer also depends if you mean to bring it temporarily or permanently.

    If you mean that you have found someone in chili that built a custom extended range electric vehicle with electric motor and gas generator car, then the links below provide some details on the standards needed, but you cannot make changes after the manufacture to make it compliant. The manufacturer must do it and apply to allow import to the US. If its not on the list of approved vehicles, you cannot permanently import for regular use (i.e. get a license plate to drive it). The safety standards are part of by you cannot import a BDY EV from China.

    There are separate rules for importing for show or research also on the NHSA site linked below.

    If you are looking to go the other way and import the Volt into Chile the link below provides info. The Volt is not yet release a date for sale into Chile, though once the worldwide launch next year it may become available.

  • 8 years ago

    The vehicle must be listed on the official list of vehicles authorized for import. The Volt is not on this list.

    You would need to buy a Volt here.

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