Is my story good idea or bad? Please answer...?!?

1. What should i change about it and what should i keep?

2. Which of the Title do you like best (down below where it says Title)

3. What type of villain should there be (like if it human, demon, angel, robot, half of something, etc. - you chose) and what should (female or male - you chose) And please name him/her?

4.Should i keep this or have a different idea?

Black Angel, Mirror, Moonless, Half-blood, Star Light Dark Night, Caged, (Tell me if you have anymore ideas please (Title))

By K. M. Robin (My Pen Name)

Everyone has another soul inside of them called Kuras and that is their true selves. But when the Kuras takes control they turn into Shadowlings and the person you know today will be lost. Moriko is a half-breed demon and hunt's down these Shadowlings with her friends who are twins - Yuki (a wolf demon) and Hunter (a cat demon) who are also full-breed demons. Kyuu (a nine-tailed fox demon) who's Yuki's, Hunter's and Moriko's master and adoptive father, tells them all something that sends Moriko to runaway from home.

Then when attacked by a Shadowling, two shady characters who calls themselves Arcices and Darkrie saves her enters the picture. They say that they're Moriko's other self. Moriko doesn't know what to do with people who live in her soul and she can't do a dam thing about it. But when an ancient evil awakens, Moriko's memories from seven years ago that were missing start reappearing all of a sudden. No one will tell her anything and Moriko wants to know what and who they are. Who are the enemies and who are the allies? Moriko doesn't know who to believe. What's a girl with wings and a violin spouse to do??

Please answer all question

If you can. Thank you very much.

To those who have answered. And Best Answer will get Best Answer...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Even though the story falls under paranormal I immediately thought of anime because of Moriko, Yuki and Kyuu's names.

    I like the names you have used to create your world. Even Darkrie is sort of pretty for whatever reason.

    It seems suspect to me that demons (even half demons) would have a soul, hence them being ideal to hunt down Shadowlings. So it is odd that Arcices and Darkrie can influence Moriko's other self and that there are two of them.

    I was also surprised that she has a violin. I just imagined this place was more dystopian or apocolyptic with no association with this world. However it is your world to build. So I suggest you get to building it. Seems interesting enough.

    My nephew is writing a book involving shadows and demons and so on, I saw two other people on B&A who had an outline for a shadow being story and they were well past the outline stage. Believe me when I tell you that the ideas are good and you may not be the one to be published simply because they get to the market before you even get your pen to paper.

  • 9 years ago

    You've asked this exact same question a million times. Just write the bloody thing already.

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