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how do you become covergirl quickly on stardoll?

ive been on stardoll for about three years im really active but havent WON ANY competitions and its really annoying

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    To win covergirl, you actually have to put effort into it. It’s a waste of time and money in my opinion. You can’t exactly become CG ‘quickly’ either. I have friends who have run, spent A LOT of stardollars on it and not even placed. Then also I have friends who have won. For best chances, you need to do the following:

    - Be prepared to sit at your computer non stop for the whole day. Be prepared to accept that you may loose a lot of stardollars and not even place.

    - Plan everything out BEFORE you run for covergirl

    - Talk to people who have run for CG and ask for tips and advice

    - Find out what time CG updates. As soon as the updating has been finished, that is when you begin your CG quest.

    - Check out your competition. Make sure your doll, suite, presentation, outfit, makeup, EVERYTHING is as good as, if not better than theirs (don’t waste your time or money running until your doll is perfect)

    - Win catwalk (this will also take time, but not stardollars)

    - Have a team of people to help you (send broadcasts, spam people’s GB’s asking them to vote you, spam clubs also asking them to vote you, etc)

    - Send broadcasts all day

    - Write in as many people’s GB’s as you can and ask them to vote for you

    - Bribes (For example: ‘Vote me CG and automatically go in the raffle to win 2 pieces of LE!’ or something like that) (you put this on your presentation

    - Create lots of dolls on a certain day, then when they’re all superstar for a day, broadcast, broadcast, broadcast! (ON THE SAME DAY AS WHEN YOU RUN FOR CG, you have to plan this. I think it’s three days from when you join but I’m not 100% sure)

    - Try to win album and/or scenery

    - Don’t be a bore and do what everyone else does. Think outside the box.

    - Most people ignore any messages they get from CG hopefuls – so make your message worth reading. Lure them in before they know you’re running for GG. Make them WANT to visit you. Don’t say it’s your dream either – everyone says that and we all think ‘yeah yeah whatever’.

    If you’ve been an active member for 3 years, surely you’d know how to run for CG? Surely you’ve seen it all before. If you need me to clarify any of this for you, or if you have any more questions, contact me on stardoll. My username is faux.fuchsia and I’ve been an active member since Feb 2008.

    Source(s): Experience.
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