Why do Indians always blame SCs & STs for their problems?

SCs and STs are only a little over 20 percent of the population, India with 77% of the population below poverty line , even if you separate all the SC and ST into a different country, the number of people below poverty line will be way over 50%, 750 million people in India dont have toilets. So why do you feel India is doing great. The only thing that the common man has is the railways built by the British. So why do Indians always lie and why are they more egoistic than any one else in the world.


SCs and STs are the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, They are called by different names most commonly dalits and tribals.

Update 2:

National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) published a report in 2007. This report state, 77% of Indians (that means 836 million people), lived on less than 20 rupees per day (USD 0.50 nominal, USD 2.0 in PPP). Most of them have no job or social security. They live in abject poverty.[2][3]



# ↑ Nearly 80 pct of India lives on half dollar a day, Reuters, August 10 2007. Accessed: August 15, 2007

National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector


↑ "Report on Conditions of Work and Promotion of Livelihoods in the Unorganised Sector" [1] ], National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector, Government of India, August, 2007. Accessed: August 25, 2007.

Update 3:

If India had 10 times the population the GDP would be 10 times the current value, it will give business men a lot of opportunity to bribe a few politicians and get access to that kind of market, but it will not mean that India is not a third world country, do you understand, You use statements like Seconf and third Largest Economy, why not use Largest third world country?

Update 4:

What about the Reuters report which says 80% below 20 rupees(50 cents)? 37% ... that is a joke.. 77% is the right number and not 37%.

The World Bank estimates that 80% of India's population lives on less than $2 a day[12][13] which means a higher proportion of its population lives on less than $2 per day as compared with sub-Saharan Africa.[13]


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    What on earth is SCs and STs?

    India's population below the poverty line has never been that high, I don't know what your smoking but your statistics are completely wrong.

    In 1973 India had about 55% below the poverty line. By 1994, this went down to 36%, a decrease of 19% in 20 years - pretty impressive.

    Now, India's poverty around the year 2000 was 26.1%.

    Here is the statistics: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/ce...

    Note, the international poverty line is US $1.25 per day. According to World Bank, this poverty line is US $5 per day and hence the 2005 World Bank estimate put India's poverty at 41%, but still no where near the imaginary 77% you came up with...

    Furthermore, according to a new UN Millennium Development Goals Report, as many as 320 million people in India and China are expected to come out of extreme poverty in the next four years, while India's poverty rate is projected to drop to 22% in 2015. The report also indicates that in Southern Asia, however, only India, where the poverty rate is projected to fall from 51% in 1990 to about 22% in 2015, is on track to cut poverty in half by the 2015 target date (see here: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2011-0...

    India is doing great because India is economically performing a lot better.

    According to leading economists (Citibank), India will be largest economy in the world by 2050, if not the 2nd largest.




    I think you should give credit where it's due. India is working very hard, the same way the United States worked hard in the early 20th century to become the world's leading economy. The number of people in India below the poverty line you claim is WAY exaggerated. 750 million people don't have toilets? Substantiate that fact, as I do not believe it for one second. Most of India's population lives in villages and may not have 'Western' style toilets, but certainly have some type of recognizable sanitation.

    Grow up and quite frankly, stop being disillusioned

    --- EDITS

    - I looked up your reports from NCEUS which state 77% of the population live under the poverty line, this was conducted by Arjun Sengupta.

    - However, the calculations were NOT in accordance with UN guidelines or Citibank/World Factbook guidelines and HENCE, the offical poverty % right now is 37%, not 77%

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    Can you furnish a supply in your claims? one million-India is not a superpower and would on no account grow to be one seeing that the importance of the demanding situations it faces.China is the definitely candidate to dethrone the US on this regard. two-India is nevertheless ,a lot more "robust" in phrases of army and economic climate in comparison to Pakistan.They have had a steady democracy and at the moment are reaping it is end result.Pakistan has had army dictatorships and no constant Economic coverage over the final few many years and is accordingly on this mess. three-You believe incorrectly.The Taliban have been created by means of the US and Pakistan however after the withdrawl of the USSR ,the Pakistan military persisted to help the Taliban and helped them set up an oppressive govt in Afghanistan.The Pakistan military remains to be very selective in searching the Taliban ,it handiest finishes off those who're accomplishing terrorism in Pakistan and does not assault the only's worried within the battle towards the US.The US has continually been a bully however Pakistan has given them an excuse by means of assisting the Taliban. four-Indians who believe that India is a "superpower" will have to check out studying the inside track.Just not too long ago India was once groveling on the toes of Russia for an airplane service after Russia not on time it is supply.Pakistanis are nevertheless similarly delusional and there have been dull claims within the 1971 battle approximately how `one million pakistani soldier is same to ten Indian soliders.Even then Pakistan underestimated India and consequently we misplaced part the nation. Conclusion : India is way larger located than Pakistan over all.With a robust economic climate and steady democracy ,we will be able to assume India to acquire rather larger requisites of residing within the subsequent 20-30 years.It would take greater than 100 years for it to acquire a "Superpower" popularity.

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    What are SCs and STs? (I'm British but live there)

    Anyways, maybe if we had kept a hold of India it wouldn't be so hard to get into the damn country like it is just now.

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    I am from the UK but have lived in India - I have no idea what an SC or a ST is and doubt that manyother people in the UK will know either.

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    Well if 750 million dont have toilets i would be careful to watch my step. lighten up a little on them will Ya their just trying to exist.

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