is it safe/unsafe for a baby (9 mo.) to sleep on a regular mattress?

my sister in law has never bought her baby a crib and he slept in his car seat for 4 months. it is safe for the baby to be sleeping in bed with her? he is only 9 months old :/


(thanks Jack K... i'm sure she wouldn't stop even if me and my husband ourselves bought a crib.)

Update 2:

let me set the record straight, i'm 22, NEVER had a child of my own, so there fore i don't know these thing. hence why i decided to ask the rude people on yahoo answers. my 3 sisters didn't put any of their babies in the bed with them, so i figured it wasn't good for them. one of my sister's didn't nurse either of hers, so it wouldn't matter. i never said i was going to buy a crib take it to my sister in laws house, set it up, out the baby in it and tell her they have to make him sleep in it. no. i just thought it would be safer for him and his health if he slept on a mattress designed for what he is...a baby. now i know that its okay. so thank you all.

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  • Jack K
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    8 years ago
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    The only issue with "bed" mattresses is that some can be too soft and allows the babies face to "sink" in causing obstructions to airways. A crib mattress is firm enough not to allow this to happen ... so it really depends on the mattress ... but at 9 months I would think the baby is active enough to be able to roll itself over if it was in distress ... all the professionals will say it's bad to have the baby in your bed because of the risk of you snuggling too close and again obstructing airways or worse rolling onto the child and causing injury ... but she's been doin' what she's doin' for a while now so I don't see how you're going to change things?

    Good Luck

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  • 8 years ago

    As long as it's a regular mattress and not a super-soft one, and they are taking appropriate safety precautions then yes, it's just as safe if not safer than sleeping in a crib. It's certainly much safer than sleeping in a car seat!

    The risk of smothering the baby is actually extremely low.

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  • 8 years ago

    People all over the world have co slept safely for millions of years. I am sure your sister knows what she is doing and has done her research on safe co sleeping. You should ask her about it. I'm sure she'll tell you how easy it is to nurse in the early hours and how happy she is snuggling her baby all night.

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  • 8 years ago

    Co-sleeping is extremly safe if your smart about it

    - reduces the risk of SIDs

    - encourages regular breathing and bonding with parents

    - parents who cosleep release hormones making them.more aware of babies breathing and movement

    - sleeping together encourages good sleeping habits for baby

    - its much eaiser to nurse, and the skin on skin contact encourages a higher breastmilk production

    - babies who cosleep have been shown to have better self esteems, and relationships with thier parents as.adults

    Not to mention people have been cosleeping for millons of years and its still the norm in many placea of he world

    Its actually very easy transitioning baby into his/her bed

    If i were them, i wouldnt only not use the crib you bought, id be extremly offended

    Source(s): Coslept, started the night she was born, always safe
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  • 8 years ago

    no not at all she could smother the baby.

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