Literature? classic adventure?

in english literature etc... what does "classic adventure mean" and what are some meanings of "grand" and "adventure"? please i need this for tommorrow and im stuck with other homework

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    It sounds as though you have not been given a particularly focused assignment. Classic Adventure does not have any specific meaning that I'm aware of as both elements are open to argument. To the extent that you believe you are being asked about 'conventional' classics then I'm guessing that a lot of the work of Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island, Kidnapped etc) would fall into this category. What does adventure mean? The most important element would appear to be experiences 'out of the ordinary'; schoolchildren catching criminals, dogs saving children etc. What is grand? Again, very subjective but aiming at adventures which have a widespread appeal; it might be an adventure for some people to pick up the telephone, but this would not (generally) be categorised as grand. Classics? What floats your teachers boat? Many of Charles Dickens' novels could be considered as adventures as opposed to the romances of other writers such as the Bronte or Jane Austen. However, spy novels by more recent writers such as John le Carre might also be considered as classics. Unfortunately, the subjective nature of the terminology means you have to try and reflect the preferences of the teacher; there are no 'final' definitions.

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    "classic" stands the test of time.

    Look up "classic" and "adventure" separately by googling them in conjunction with "literary terms"

    Some adventure classics at the top of my head are

    Call of the Wild

    White Fang

    Swiss Family Robinson


    Robinson Crusoe

    Scarlet Pimpernel

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